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At John A. McLaughlin, Jr., P.C., remembered easily as McLaughlin Bankruptcy, you’ll see that our team is non-judgmental. Our job is to resolve your dilemma and not to give you a lecture about how you came to the decision to file bankruptcy. We are more concerned with your questions, our answers, and relief from your creditors. We understand your predicament and are empathetic to your situation and needs.

Attorney John A. McLaughlin, Jr., years ago struggled with job loss and a drop in income of 90% during a six-month period. At that time, he sought the services of a bankruptcy attorney who successfully resolved an $18,000 loan deficiency on a car that had been repossessed. This ultimately led to his interest in bankruptcy and his dedication to helping clients who are facing burdensome debt.

Not only has he been providing bankruptcy legal services for more than 26 years, but he has also been there himself.  He knows, and understands, the stress, fear, anxiety, and frustration that comes from too much debt and not enough income.  He’s experienced the demanding, and uncaring, calls from bill collectors.  Call McLaughlin Bankruptcy now and put he and his staff to work for you and end get the fresh start you deserve.


John A. McLaughlin, Jr.

John McLaughlin at McLaughlin Bankruptcy
John A. McLaughlin, Jr.
Certified Bankruptcy Assistant

Jill A. Paglione

Jill Paglione at McLaughlin Bankruptcy
Jill A. Paglione
Legal Assistants

Sue D. McLaughlin